God, I feel like I shluod be takin notes! Great work
Emmy, K2wgvQ2aX0l
How neat! Is it really this sieplm? You make it look easy.
Bono, Y7C26abz
I ordered one of every flavor to see which my horse preferred, and she loved them all! Your treats are a win-win for both me and Honey. Thank you.
I have been using Nicker Treats for clicker training my warmblood gelding. I don't have to worry about giving him so many treats, even though he has a metabolic disorder. What a relief!
I am so glad I found your web site. I have tried every 'low starch' treat on the market, and Shadow had no interest in them at all. Thanks to your free sample offer, I was able to try your treats without making a financial investment. Shadow loves the Fenugreek Nicker Treats, and I can finally feel good about giving him what he wants without worrying about his insulin level spiking.
Thank you for the generous sample of your peppermint Nicker Treats. My horse LOVES them! I am placing an order for 12 more bags.
My Morgan mare was diagnosed with Cushings last Spring, and I have been unable to find a treat that she is able to have and likes since then. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to have treats again!
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the free sample of Nicker Treats for Mikey. He is very finicky and I'm never sure if he'll like a new treat I offer him, but he absolutely loves the Provocative Peppermint treats with the Fenugreek and Chaste Berry for Cushings! We still have some left in our sample bag, but I will certainly be ordering more. I love knowing that I'm able to give him a treat that is both good for him and that he loves.Thank you so much!
My horse, Swift, was diagnosed last summer with Cushings and IR after almost foundering. I have tried several IR treats to date, such as Skode’s, Withers & Withers, and one whose name now escapes me, but it was very herbal. Basically he spits them out. The W&W were too chalky/chewy and sickeningly sweet tasting due to the Stevia in them. The Skode’s tasted good to me and were crunchy (good) but Swift turned down two flavors. (I’m pretty sure it’s because they are not sweet.) The third was a spit out for both of us. Oh dear!

His favorite treats before his diagnosis were carrots and crunchy carrot or peppermint treats. So, in a nut shell, he likes crunchy, sweet, and carroty or minty texture and flavor. He seems to hate flax seed, so it would have to be disguised. His diet consists of Well/Solve Low Starch/ (which I also use as a treat because he likes it) and hay. Totally off grass.
Swift is one happy horse!! He likes all the flavors. I’ll order some this weekend. You work magic with the grains and herbs. Thanks a lot.
Just a note to tell you that Secret LOVES your Cushings Fenugreek treats, and I love finally finding a low-carb treat that she will actually eat. I have already started her on chasteberry as a supplement, based on the research I’ve read about, and now I have a palatable way to feed it to her. Thanks a million!

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