About Us

Nicker Treats is a mom and pop operation located in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest, in the hills of North Georgia. We were the first and original provider of low-starch, low-sugar, crunchy horse cookies on the market.  They are made for horses with Cushings, IR, EPSM, and other metabolic dysfunctions, but even our pickiest eaters love them.

Our current product line includes healthy Nicker Cakes; low-starch, low-sugar cakes that your horse can share with his stablemates.  Whether you serve Nicker Cakes for your horse's birthday, to celebrate a win in a horse show, or just a barn get-together, your guests will be delighted at the chance to include your 4-legged friends in the celebration.

Not only do we make horse treats and supplements, but we are a 501c3, non-profit horse rescue and relief fund.  We keep several unadoptable rescued horses in our sanctuary, and sell our products to help with the cost of feed and vetting.

Because so many of our horses are seniors, we were spending a fortune on expensive joint supplements. When I heard about the success of using turmeric 'Golden Paste', I experimented to see if I could substitute my own home-made Golden Paste for the commercial products. The results were better than I had expected. The only problem was the terrible mess of using the paste, so I decided to dry the paste into a powder. The powder allows for a more accurate, less messy way to feed. Knowing that there is nothing but high quality, organic ingredients in my horse's supplement is a huge added bonus.

All the products we sell were originally developed for, and tested by our own horses. We keep our overhead and profit margin as low as possible, in order to offer fair pricing to our customers.  We hope we can help, in some small way, to improve the quality of life for other horses challenged with metabolic disorders and joint discomfort.

Don't forget your canine companions!  Try our Sit! grain-free dog treats, made with wholesome, human grade ingredients.