Gold Dust Turmeric Supplement

Gold Dust Supplement Sizes

We start with high grade, ground turmeric root.  In order to make the turmeric bioavailable to our pets digestive system, we add water and cook it until it forms a smooth, creamy liquid.   Then, we add organic cold-pressed coconut oil and stir until completely blended with the turmeric paste.  By placing the paste into our dehydrator for 12 hours, we create a powder to which we add freshly ground black pepper.   

Uses of curcumin, the active ingredient in Gold Dust:

  •   anti-inflammatory 
  •   antibacterial 
  •   antioxidant 
  •   pain reliever 
  •   shrinks tumors 
  •   fights cancer  
  •   improves brain function
  •   boosts liver function 
  •   detoxifier 
  •   lowers risk of heart disease

Why buy our powder form of ‘golden paste’?

  • We eliminate the wet, sloppy mess.
  • Our powder assures you feed the correct proportions of all ingredients.
  • Powder can be measured more accurately because it doesn’t leave residue on your measuring spoon.
  • You dont have to worry about carrying the paste back and forth to the barn in freezing weather.  Just a quick shake of the bag will release the clumps.
  • No more digging your dosage out of a frozen batch of paste.
  • No more messy cleanup!


Horses:  we recommend that you start with 1 tsp per day and gradually increase dosage until desired results are achieved. (Usually 1T a day, but may feed up to 2T 2x/day).  Mix with feed, preferably wet.  Horses generally accept turmeric willingly.

Dogs and Cats: 1/4 tsp to 1 tsp a day, based on weight.  Powder may be mixed with wet food or placed inside empty capsules.

Questions?  Call Sue at 404-312-9623 or email at

Discover the benefits of turmeric for all your pets.  We start with pure, organic turmeric powder with 3-5% curcumin*.  To optimize the absorption of curcumin, the turmeric powder is boiled and blended with pure, organic coconut oil and fresh ground black pepper and made into paste.  Then, we slowly and carefully dry the paste into powder, for easy measuring, no-mess feeding and longer shelf life.

*curcumin is the compound contained within the turmeric root, typically dried and ground for use in cooking.