About Nicker Treats

Money Back Guarantee**

Take the guesswork out of buying treats.  Nicker Treats is the oldest low-starch, low-sugar treat on the market today, with proven results for both lab-verified low NSC and low glycemic index, as well as superior palatability.  Your horse is 100% guaranteed to love these treats, or your money back.  

Is your horse overweight?  Has he been diagnosed with Laminitis, Founder, EPSM, Cushings, Pituitary Dysfunction, Insulin Resistance (IR) or Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)?

These all natural treats for the insulin resistant horse can help ease the pain of dietary restrictions.  But we werent satisfied with just providing a product with a very low glycemic index.  We wanted to make a product that all horses will enjoy.  Horses cannot resist our delicious cookies!

Nicker Treats original low NSC formula are made from natural, healthy, high-fiber ingredients, including ground flax seed, rice bran, soybean hulls, steam crimped oats, plain  beet pulp and psyllium.

They are extremely high in Omega 3's and fortified with biotin, methionine and zinc for hoof health, yeast culture to aid digestion and magnesium for carbohydrate metabolism.  They come in a choice of 3 organic flavors or plain.

Alfalfa recipe treats contain NO BEET PULP.  Only alfalfa and ground flax seed.  They are SUPER low in starch and sugar, with a total NSC value of 6.11.

My treats are crunchy, which is the preferred texture for a horse, have a long shelf life (up to 12 months, stored in dry and cool conditions) and guaranteed to hold up in your pocket.  I believe in these treats and in the quality of the ingredients that I use.  That is why your satisfaction is guaranteed**.

The addition of stabilized rice bran to our formula creates a healthy calcium to phosphorous ratio, as well as providing over 120 known antioxidants, cofactors and catalysts - including Tocotrienols, Tocopherols, Phytosterols, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, IP6, Gamma Oryzanol and Omega 3.

Creating Nicker Treats is a labor of love for me.  My education and passion for nutrition started as a Dietetics Major at the University of Wisconsin.  When I discovered that one of our Arabian horses was insulin-resistant, and that the breed itself is pre-disposed to metabolic disease, I hired an equine nutritionist.  With her guidance, I came up with a recipe that would take the next three years to perfect.  ~ Sue

I created these treats for my personal horses and, through the encouragement of friends and family, placed them on the market for others to enjoy.  Ours is a small operation, and our treats are made lovingly by hand when your order is placed.  We do not bake our treats.  They are dehydrated slowly to retain important nutrients.  Due to the exceptional care we take in preparing our products, please allow 7 days for delivery.

*glycemic index is determined based on the GI of ingredients, using the UC Davis published glycemic index of Rodiek and Stull.

**If you are not satisfied with your purchase, your purchase price, minus shipping, will be refunded.

Our treats are homemade, proudly in the U.S.A.