Nicker Treats

The low NSC treat your horse is guaranteed to love!


THREE FORMULAS of cookies:

All formulas are 60% flax seed and high in Omega 3’s

All contain natural, certified organic flavorings and herbs

Each bag contains 18 oz (approximately 100) crunchy, delicious cookies.

Original Formula - $15.50 Ground flax seed, rice bran, beet pulp, and alfalfa.

Cushings Formula - $16.75 This recipe starts with our flax-based recipe, to which we add Chasteberry  (Vitex) powder - unofficially touted as the 'Equine Cushings Cure'

Alfalfa Formula - $14.25 This low-carb, high nutrient flavor is a favorite of all horses.  Ingredients are pure alfalfa meal and ground flax seed.


Plain - No added flavor, just the natural goodness of delicious, wholesome ingredients.

Luscious Licorice - Enhanced with fragrant organic anise, one of your horse's favorite flavors.

Provocative Peppermint - Made with organic peppermint oil, commonly known to aid in digestion

Fabulous Fenugreek - Fenugreek helps control blood  sugar.  We use only organic Fenugreek powder  This herb is reported to be the horse's #1 preferred flavor, based on research performed in the U.K.  Who knew?? 


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